Our Home :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And that's all she wrote!

Just doing a quick update from my phone since we will not have internet until Friday...WE ARE CLOSED and settling into our new home! The past two days have been exhausting and thrilling, I think I am running solely off of adrenaline right now :-) It will be all worth it when everything is in its' place and we can enjoy our new home!

To those of you still in the pains of the building process...just keep swimming! It is quite an amazing feeling to be handed those keys! Thank you to everyone for the words of encouragement along the way, I promise to get some progress photos up soon.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cleared for Takeoff!

Well folks, our LO called my husband late yesterday to say that underwriting came back---we are cleared to close Monday at 10:00!! Now the real fun can begin! I will be sure to update after pre-settlement this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How much stress can one person handle???

Well so far we have had a pretty uneventful and drama-free experience building; that it, until now. True to NVR standard, our loan is still going through underwriting. We are supposed to close on Monday! Is there enough time to get it done and ready to go for 10:00 on Monday? 

Our LO sent Colin a form to change our address on the appraisal, which was incorrect. He signed it and faxed it from his hotel in San Diego, so no problem. Ok. Then, she calls him this afternoon saying she sent him the wrong VHDA home owners course to take (which he took in like February, by the way) and he had to take this new one and send the certificate of completion back ASAP for underwriting approval. This happened this afternoon, but he is three hours behind our time and most likely did not get it sent back until she had left the office. So it won't get to the underwriters until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Seriously!?!?!?

Is this going to cause a problem for closing on Monday? Why do they wait until the last possible second for everything! I am a teacher, and taking off of work is not as simple as emailing my boss to tell them I won't be there. I have to write a letter to take personal time off, then it has to go through my principal and payroll before it gets approved. If closing gets pushed back, who knows when it will happen. Then Colin is going away on another business trip next Sunday. 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

9 Days...9 DAYS!!!

I am jumping out of my skin excited!! We close in 9 days! I can't believe it is so soon; we signed our contract on November 26th and almost 5 months later we will officially be homeowners. 

I am finding every itty bitty thing wrong with our tiny apartment; right now it is not having A/C in 90 degree heat! Holy Guacamole it's hot! With the hubby being away on a business trip this week and next, I am under a lot of pressure to get as much packing done as I can so we can organize the big stuff when he gets back next Friday. Add to that stress from work, this HEAT, and I am worn out! Hopefully these next 9 days fly by because I would much rather be stressing inside my new house than in this apartment! Gah! 

Thanks for listening to my rant :) Here's a cute picture of my kitty so you can have a reason to actually read this post ;-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

We finally bought something!

Three weeks and 10+ furniture stores later, we finally decided on our dining room table and chairs! We bought this table and chairs from Ethan Allen. Yes, it was expensive, but everything else we looked at was mediocre. I didn't want to settle. We love it and can't wait to get it delivered in our new home!

Lock it Up and Throw Away the Key!!

That's right folks------->we are officially LOCKED OUT!! A full two weeks before our pre-settlement demonstration. Which means I have to wait pretty much until closing to see my kitchen counter tops. Wahhh!!! :-(

The last time we were able to get inside was last week Tuesday (4/2). Our pre-settlement is the 18th! That seems like a long time to be locked out to me. Anyone else locked out for that long? We went on Friday and asked the new SR (ours moved to another development; although she said she is still "ours" I doubt she will be very accommodating if we need her) for the key and he said our PM had already taken his key away and he couldn't get us in. So of course, me being a smart-ass, asked him why two of our neighbors had their cars parked in front of their units and were clearly inside. His answer---"oh, they must be extra cars from the building in front of yours." Nice try, but we have seen those cars there before going inside their houses. Oh well, didn't feel like fighting.

Anywho, we dropped by last Tuesday (before all this happened) and the cleaners were upstairs getting the whole place spic and span for us. All of our flooring was uncovered, so at least we got to see that, and our landscaping and sod were done. Here are the last pictures I have before pre-settlement!

 Living Room

 Sod in the backyard from morning room

 Kitchen. Yes, we got laminate floors. We got everything pretty much basic. Why put any of that on your mortgage? We plan on changing it out within the next year or so.

 Going upstairs


 Master shower. We plan on changing out that glass eventually, hubbie likes the seamless.

 Love the tray ceiling. 

 Now it REALLY looks like a house!
 Cute landscaping
Our home :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light it Up Blue

April is Autism Awareness month. Walmart is selling blue light bulbs for autism awareness, and Build-a-Bear has a limited edition bear and t-shirt with a portion of the profits going to Autism Speaks. Today, 1 in 91 children are diagnosed with autism---1 in 58 boys. 1 in 58 boys! Let's work together to fund the research and find answers.

For my baby sister Jenna---light it up blue!