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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I really am not very good at posting. It's been over a month! We actually have a house now, but it's taking a lot longer than we anticipated. We lost about a week due to crappy weather, which was unfortunate for us since my parents planned on flying down this week for the pre-drywall meeting while my mom was on vacation from school. Oh well. Here is what has been happening lately---

This is from last week Saturday. Foundation is poured, and framing has finally begun! Only took a month!

We drove by on Friday (2/15) after dinner and were excited to see a roof, and windows and doors installed! It was dark so we did not take pictures, but we went back yesterday and took these:

 Working on a Saturday to get our roof up!

 LOVE our bay window! So glad we chose this elevation E.

 Also, glad I insisted on French doors in the kitchen.

Ours is to the right of the lamp post.

And then today we went back, hoping they wouldn't be working so we could take a peek inside. We don't want to disturb the workers when they are there; my dad is a contractor and he said he hates when the owners come when they are working! 

Here is the inside of our home!
 Our beautiful bay window looking out from the living room.

 Our kitchen looks so big! I'm sure once the island and counters are in it will seem smaller.

 Pantry and French doors. My dad will build the deck for us this summer!

 View out the back from the morning room---too bad there will be another building behind us blocking our view of the woods :(

 The Hubs looking down the stairs to the rec room...

 Going down into the basement

 Surprised with how HUGE our basement is!

 This is the top level, it's not framed out and there was wood blocking me from going all the way up so I just took a quick peek.

So probably not a huge deal but we wanted to take the pics anyway...there are some pretty noticeable gouges in the foundation in the basement, as well as a hairline crack going along the section where our powder room rough-in will be. Anything to worry about, or are we just being paranoid homeowners?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow what a progress, it look beautiful.I love the bay window and that is one I missed in our selection. I don't really know much about the crack in the basement but it would be a good idea to bring it up to your PM and have them fix it, you don't want something showing up years later.

  2. We have a few cracks in the basement floor. Our PM said they weren't an issue unless they got wider.