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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drywall! and appraisal!

Hubs and I stopped by the townhouse on Saturday (3/9) to see what it looked like inside with drywall. Since they put locks on, we had to go when workers were there, and when we arrived we were THRILLED to see they had started our siding! WOW does it look like a house now!

 The worker just couldn't help himself ;)

Living room with bay window 

Hubs looking into our kitchen and morning room. 

Bay window and front door 

Morning room windows and French door 

::Dreaming of Cherry Bordeaux:: 

Storage area in basement with powder room rough-in 

Rec room and sliding door 

View out of the rec room door

LOVE the tray ceiling in the master! 

Love the master...

...And love the master closet! 

My beautiful soaking tub 

Master shower 

Laundry room. I cannot WAIT to not have to walk down three stories and battling the elements to do our laundry! 

Guest bath 

I just HAD to get a pic of the worker outside our office window! 

Guest room...:) 

Another piece of exciting news...our appraisal came back! With just over a month to closing, we were not expecting this to happen so soon, but everything came back great so we are good to go! Looking forward to seeing the progress this weekend. I promise to keep up on my posting, guys!

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