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Thursday, April 11, 2013

9 Days...9 DAYS!!!

I am jumping out of my skin excited!! We close in 9 days! I can't believe it is so soon; we signed our contract on November 26th and almost 5 months later we will officially be homeowners. 

I am finding every itty bitty thing wrong with our tiny apartment; right now it is not having A/C in 90 degree heat! Holy Guacamole it's hot! With the hubby being away on a business trip this week and next, I am under a lot of pressure to get as much packing done as I can so we can organize the big stuff when he gets back next Friday. Add to that stress from work, this HEAT, and I am worn out! Hopefully these next 9 days fly by because I would much rather be stressing inside my new house than in this apartment! Gah! 

Thanks for listening to my rant :) Here's a cute picture of my kitty so you can have a reason to actually read this post ;-)


  1. How exciting! I signed my contract on the 27th but am way behind!

  2. It's hot outside not to have AC, but just know that in 8 days you would have your keys and a beautiful home to decorate as you like. We signed Dec. 8th and it seems things are moving slow on our side too.

  3. Thankfully it cooled down; when I wrote that post it was 89 degrees inside my living room and I was cranky! I feel better now :) Things were moving so slowly at first, it felt like forever before they broke ground and then they lost about two weeks of work due to the weather, but once they started working Colin and I couldn't keep up! It's crazy how fast it goes!