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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lock it Up and Throw Away the Key!!

That's right folks------->we are officially LOCKED OUT!! A full two weeks before our pre-settlement demonstration. Which means I have to wait pretty much until closing to see my kitchen counter tops. Wahhh!!! :-(

The last time we were able to get inside was last week Tuesday (4/2). Our pre-settlement is the 18th! That seems like a long time to be locked out to me. Anyone else locked out for that long? We went on Friday and asked the new SR (ours moved to another development; although she said she is still "ours" I doubt she will be very accommodating if we need her) for the key and he said our PM had already taken his key away and he couldn't get us in. So of course, me being a smart-ass, asked him why two of our neighbors had their cars parked in front of their units and were clearly inside. His answer---"oh, they must be extra cars from the building in front of yours." Nice try, but we have seen those cars there before going inside their houses. Oh well, didn't feel like fighting.

Anywho, we dropped by last Tuesday (before all this happened) and the cleaners were upstairs getting the whole place spic and span for us. All of our flooring was uncovered, so at least we got to see that, and our landscaping and sod were done. Here are the last pictures I have before pre-settlement!

 Living Room

 Sod in the backyard from morning room

 Kitchen. Yes, we got laminate floors. We got everything pretty much basic. Why put any of that on your mortgage? We plan on changing it out within the next year or so.

 Going upstairs


 Master shower. We plan on changing out that glass eventually, hubbie likes the seamless.

 Love the tray ceiling. 

 Now it REALLY looks like a house!
 Cute landscaping
Our home :)


  1. If you have a sliding glass door in the back.. You can shimmy it open with a gentle up and down motion.. pretty much all Ryan Homes Sliding glass doors are that way.. (Yes when you move in I recommend you get a bar that makes that ineffective to a burgler) However, you can try!!

  2. It looks beautiful, I like the landscape too, did you get 9ft ceiling standard on all floors?

  3. Only the main and top floors have 9 ft ceilings, the basement does not.

  4. One of the best things in moving into a new house is designing and decorating it according to your taste and liking. This is an exciting phase for me too when we moved into our first house after living in an apartment for years. Back to you; I suggest you put vibrant-colored stools on your kitchen to liven up the atmosphere. That's less work than repainting everything. Go and have fun, Allyson! Alejandra Hutchcraft