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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How much stress can one person handle???

Well so far we have had a pretty uneventful and drama-free experience building; that it, until now. True to NVR standard, our loan is still going through underwriting. We are supposed to close on Monday! Is there enough time to get it done and ready to go for 10:00 on Monday? 

Our LO sent Colin a form to change our address on the appraisal, which was incorrect. He signed it and faxed it from his hotel in San Diego, so no problem. Ok. Then, she calls him this afternoon saying she sent him the wrong VHDA home owners course to take (which he took in like February, by the way) and he had to take this new one and send the certificate of completion back ASAP for underwriting approval. This happened this afternoon, but he is three hours behind our time and most likely did not get it sent back until she had left the office. So it won't get to the underwriters until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Seriously!?!?!?

Is this going to cause a problem for closing on Monday? Why do they wait until the last possible second for everything! I am a teacher, and taking off of work is not as simple as emailing my boss to tell them I won't be there. I have to write a letter to take personal time off, then it has to go through my principal and payroll before it gets approved. If closing gets pushed back, who knows when it will happen. Then Colin is going away on another business trip next Sunday. 



  1. I am so sorry you guys are going through this. Hang in there It's going to workout.

  2. Hang in there! I forget when exactly we got our final approval and finished with underwriting but I do remember it was within days of closing so don't worry! I completely understand worrying about not being able to just email your boss! My boyfriend is a fireman and he can't just not show up or call out the morning of! Everything will work itself out! :)

  3. I feel your pain! They cancelled our closing three days before. On top of that they haven't even given us a new closing date. I've been told that we just have to wait and they'll give us a date when they know but until then we just have to sit around and wonder. It's really annoying and I'm starting to get quite impatient. We are both LE so we can just call out either... We need to give notice ahead of time... Like a few days ahead. So not only have I called to set up movers and Verizon and other things of that sort, I have also had to call to cancel it all and now I will have to call back again to set it all up again.

    1. Oh no! Now I'm even more worried :( We heard from the LO today and she said she expects the approval by the end of today, but we didn't hear anything after that. We have to be out of the apartment by April 30th because that's what we told our landlord, and he already rented it out.